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    Chris LaBrooy (UK) Intestine, 2014

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    The title of the first picture in this set is called "$tack$ o[n] deck." It’s a cool little still life, I guess. I like that the stacks of money, the sunglasses, and the little Patron bottles are all in groups of 3. You can clearly see that the people involved in this pre-game intend to smoke some pot-unceremoniously dumped on the dining room table-and drink some Moët & Chandon rose champagne and a bottle of Hennessy with a Coke mixer/chaser.

    Outside of the booze, weed, money, and shades, the picture starts to fall apart for me. It’s too messy:  real life starts creeping into the promise of the intoxicated reverie to come and I don’t like it. Just beyond the champagne and liquor there is an open bag of white low cut socks and past that is what looks like a pile of mail or a wedding invitation or something. The brown and plastic bags on the left just look like trash no one bothered to throw away before the photographer took this picture. The baggie that held the weed is discarded like a busted balloon. It’s not even completely empty. I don’t even want to think about that weird baseball diamond-looking graphic on that person’s t-shirt.

    The second picture in this series is called "dis is da way we ball." I like this one a lot better for the same reasons I don’t like the first picture in this set. Dis is da way we ball seems so ‘lived-in,’ so honest. The cash is out, the weed is dumped on the table, the booze is visible, but I think the laptop, the red cups, the brown bag, the bag from Larry’s(?) Famous Deli, the socks, the mail pile…in this photo, they demonstrate a life lived. An existence. All the clutter in this picture is representative of the clutter in our lives, the baggage we carry with us when all we want to do is spend our money, get stoned, drunk. I’ve been there. You’ve been there. Dis is da way we ball is the way we all ball:  imperfectly, but we ball regardless and hope for better times later, better times tomorrow, where we drank out of plastic red cups the night before because there’s nothing less baller than having to do dishes the next day.

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    World Cup protesters rally behind #NotGoingtoBrazil to air frustrations

    Over the weekend, #NotGoingtoBrazil and #NoVoyABrasilPorque became populist hotbeds of anger and frustration at the Brazilian government. While these hashtags are certainly reminiscent of #SochiProblems, the tweets are less focused on unfinished hotels and toilet troubles and more on the underlying political and infrastructural problems that have plagued this World Cup.

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  10. Love.Nina. 

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    Fuyuko Matsui

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    I just watched this for like 5 minutes

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    Kate MacDowell.

    Sculptor Kate MacDowell creates beautiful porcelain metaphors for humanity’s impact on the natural world and she often includes references to mythological or ancient stories wherein nature is the victor.  MacDowell comments that her work is not simply a statement but more so a reaction to the world.  You can see lots more of the gorgeous work below:

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