1. Fuck Cancer.

  2. atk-jordan:

    This is my 1000th Post so I decided to looking through all the pictures I shot and pick out a few of my favorite cars & shots!

    First two are my RB25 240 & my TE72 corolla wagon

    Below that is a perfectly done FC Rx7 from Shrink All the Cars this past spring. Excellent meet & so many great cars.

    Next up is two shots last year at a Drift Nrivana, one with a group of well tuned drift cars & a shot of my friend’s Tres’ Sil80

    After that a shot from a photoshoot that I did of a RB26DETT swapped 240z.

    A couple shots from Formula Drift NJ

    Then last of all is two shots from H2Oi last year when a handful of Miatas gathered out on a parking garage for a few shots overlooking the beach!

    Well enjoy! I plan to keep shooting and improving as time goes on and do another tribute on my 2000th post.


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  3. adoboandgarlicrice:

    Motor fix

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  6. fohk:

    Amoebic sculptures of Henrique Oliveira


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  7. cross-connect:

    digitalism by adolfo luna

    personal project featuring digitally combined images of places that are either of great happiness or sadness to the artist.

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  12. carinteriors:

    1983 Lancia Delta S4 Group B

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  13. carinteriors:

    1983 Lancia Delta S4 Group B

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  15. foundinspirationmovingforward:

    Beautiful bicycle with sprung steel wheels, made by UK based designer Ron Arad.

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