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    World Cup protesters rally behind #NotGoingtoBrazil to air frustrations

    Over the weekend, #NotGoingtoBrazil and #NoVoyABrasilPorque became populist hotbeds of anger and frustration at the Brazilian government. While these hashtags are certainly reminiscent of #SochiProblems, the tweets are less focused on unfinished hotels and toilet troubles and more on the underlying political and infrastructural problems that have plagued this World Cup.

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  6. Love.Nina. 

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    Fuyuko Matsui

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    I just watched this for like 5 minutes

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    Kate MacDowell.

    Sculptor Kate MacDowell creates beautiful porcelain metaphors for humanity’s impact on the natural world and she often includes references to mythological or ancient stories wherein nature is the victor.  MacDowell comments that her work is not simply a statement but more so a reaction to the world.  You can see lots more of the gorgeous work below:

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    Rick Ashley

    Prom Couples

    The high school prom is a social ritual unique to North America, and as with any good ritual photography is an integral part. From an early age we are coached on how to present ourselves to the camera, yet we still look to the photographer for direction and validation. 
    These photographs began with a simple idea. What if prom couples gathered to walk the red carpet were unexpectedly directed to a purpose-built studio, given only directions on where to stand, immediately photographed, and told to move on as the next couple was called. 
    The photographs are less about the ritual and more about the choices we make in presenting the self. Without the photographer’s interference, these are the individual and collective decisions made in an instant before the camera.

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    Sharkbrains, Kate Lacour

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